It's Time To Plan To Do Better:

San Francisco is an environmental leader.  One great exception is when it comes to water:

  • We rank last in California water recycling – we recycle 0% of our water;
  • We clean streets, wash cars and water parks with pristine Tuolumne River water rather than reclaimed water;
  • We discard our 20 inches of annual rainfall through sewers into the Bay and ocean;
  • We’ve virtually abandoned use of renewable local groundwater, using 75% less than we did in 1930;
  • Our 100-year-old water system does daily environmental damage to Yosemite National Park;
  • We’re the only city in America to build a dam in a national park.

It’s time to plan to do better.

Proposition F is a safe and reasonable measure that simply requires San Francisco to create a plan for our water future.

Prop F caps planning costs at $8 million. No outcome is pre-determined, and nothing can happen without future voter approval.

Prop F creates a public taskforce with environmental and city water experts who will plan how San Francisco can:

  • Recycle 15% of our water by 2025
  • Increase renewable local groundwater use from 3% to 19%
  • Improve water quality by filtering all drinking water
  • Decrease storm water runoff into San Francisco Bay
  • By 2035, consolidate San Francisco’s nine reservoirs into eight and restore Hetch Hetchy Valley to Yosemite National Park
  • Develop renewable energy, wind and solar to offset loss of hydropower

If San Francisco leaders were truly doing everything possible for water conservation, we wouldn’t be ranked last in California for recycling.

It’s time for the voters to lead, and let our leaders follow. Vote YES on Prop F.



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